Mason County Sheriff's Office:  Corrections

The Mason County Detention Facility’s construction was completed in 1989.  The facility, in part, was built with a booking room, a holding cell, a shower cell, and a cellblock of eleven cells.  The eleven cells house a total of forty-four inmates.   

Eleven, State of Illinois trained and certified fulltime corrections
officers are currently employed at the facility to process and care
for the inmates.  Each of the eleven corrections officers are
also trained and certified as emergency medical 911
telecommunications officers.

Responsible for preserving order inside the cellblock by enforcing
the facility’s rules and regulations, your corrections officers are
always on the move both inside and outside the Mason County
Detention Facility.  Corrections officers check the inmates at least
two times an hour and regularly perform shakedowns (the process
of searching for contraband) to not only help ensure inmate health
and safety, but also to prevent escapes. 

Mason County corrections officers book approximately 900 inmates a year.  The Mason County Detention Facility’s average inmate population is forty-two inmates.  An average inmate’s stay in the Mason County Detention Facility is twenty-four days.

Address inmate mail to:

Inmate's name
Mason County Detention Facility
102 West Market Street
Havana, Illinois 62644