The Mason County Sheriff’s Officer of the Year is a prestigious
and distinguished honor, which has been awarded annually to
the officer of each sheriff’s office classification since 2003. 
Sergeants are excluded from this honor. The award represents
the officers  who have displayed the highest qualities of
professionalism, integrity, and character.

Anthony Lippert’s continual display of professionalism and
enthusiasm in the performance of his duties, along with his
dedication to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office goals made
him the staff’s choice to be awarded Mason County’s 2012
Deputy of the Year.  Anthony has served the Mason County
Sheriff’s Office in a full-time capacity since late 1991.

Mason County Sheriff's Office:  Deputy of the Year

Previous Deputies of the Year

2011:  Kristin Campbell
2010:  James Kinzer
2009:  Keith Potts
2008:  Troy Bonnett
2007:  James Kinzer
2006:  Troy Bonnett
2005:  Fred Ray
2004:  James Kinzer
2003:  Steven Burgett

Anthony Lippert
2012 Deputy of Year